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“Social pharmacy” is a term that refers to a branch of pharmacy that focuses on the social aspects of medication use and healthcare. It involves studying how societal factors, such as culture, economics, politics, and social relationships, influence the use of pharmaceuticals and healthcare services. Social pharmacy aims to optimize medication use and improve overall healthcare outcomes by considering these social determinants of health.



Key areas of interest within social pharmacy include:

  1. Medication Adherence: Understanding why some patients may not take their medications as prescribed due to social and economic factors, and developing strategies to improve adherence.
  2. Health Literacy: Assessing and addressing patients’ ability to understand and utilize health information, particularly in relation to medication instructions.
  3. Patient-Centered Care: Promoting a patient-centered approach to healthcare, where pharmacists and other healthcare professionals consider the individual patient’s social context and preferences when making treatment recommendations.
  4. Health Inequalities: Investigating how social disparities and inequalities impact access to healthcare and medication, and working to reduce these disparities.
  5. Pharmaceutical Policy: Analyzing the impact of government policies, regulations, and the pharmaceutical industry on medication access and use.
  6. Public Health Initiatives: Collaborating with public health agencies and organizations to address medication-related public health issues.
  7. Community Pharmacy Practice: Improving the role of community pharmacists in healthcare by offering services beyond medication dispensing, such as medication therapy management and health education.

In essence, social pharmacy seeks to bridge the gap between the technical and scientific aspects of pharmacy with the social and human elements of healthcare. It recognizes that effective medication use and healthcare delivery are not solely determined by the chemical properties of drugs but also by the context in which they are used. This field is particularly relevant in addressing healthcare disparities, improving patient outcomes, and promoting more holistic healthcare approaches.


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