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B. Pharma Bio Chemistry 2nd Semester

B. Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy) with a  specialization in Biochemistry combines the study of pharmaceutical sciences with a focus on the biochemical aspects of drugs, medicines, and their interactions with the human body.

B. Pharma Pharmacy Practice Seventh

Pharma pharmacy is not a commonly used term in the pharmaceutical or medical field. It’s possible that you may be referring to a pharmacy that specializes in pharmaceutical products, which is a redundant term since all pharmacies primarily deal with pharmaceuticals.

D. Pharma Agri Economics-Hindi

Agricultural economics, often referred to as Agri-Economics is a branch of economics that focuses on the production, distribution, and consumption of agricultural goods and services. It combines economic principles with agricultural practices to analyze and solve issues related to farming, food production, and rural development.

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A Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm or B.Pharma) is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on pharmaceutical sciences. It is typically a 4-year program, although the duration may vary by country and educational institution

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Agriculture Chemistry 3

Agricultural chemistry, also known as agrochemistry, is a branch of chemistry that focuses on the study of chemical processes and substances related to agriculture and food production. It plays a crucial role in improving crop yields, food quality, and the…

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